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Healing Begins With You!

You control who and what you allow in your world and your space. If that person is causing your hurt, heartache, pain, or misery, they do not deserve to be in your space. Set personal boundaries and stick to them.

Five tips to healing

  1. Give yourself permission to be human

  2. Give yourself permission to feel

  3. Give yourself permission not to be okay

  4. Give yourself permission to put your needs first

  5. Give yourself permission to take time off when needed

Feeling is healing

We are not superhumans. We are human beings with real feelings and emotions, and that is okay. Don't allow people to tell you to "get over it" or "suck it up." What happens to uncovered emotions? They become unbearable and can explode under pressure. Think about a soda bottle that is shaken. It explodes under pressure and makes a mess of everything. Don't make a mess of your life. Talk about it. Feel it and then heal from it.

#healingfromtrauma #Feelingishealing